about me!!

  • About My Family
    I was born in Bandung, 01 June 1993, I was the first child, and I have 2 younger sisters ..
    My family is the most precious family for me ….
    because without them I would not like this ….
  • About My Education
    Kindergarten, elementary and junior high school I was in Bandung, my kindergarten name is Al – Qalam, and my name is SURUUR elementary, junior high school I was the SMP 40 Bandung … jakarta smk but I continue …
    because of financial problems my family ….
    jakarta smk is fun but sometimes it makes me feel tense, because not all jakarta smk can learn in peace, because in jakarta in because the city is famous for their students really liked the fight and did not like peace …
    I’m not typing …. why not make peace alone
    Now I Schools In SMK Muhammadiyah 9 Jakarta,
  • About My Favorit
    I really liked the game.
    mainly play war, especially the medal of honnor  , call of dutty , and black .
    all game i  like it because it will make me like there is the battlefield.
  • About Me
    Now we will discuss about my nature.
    I was the one who has good and bad.
    My vices are: only I know.
    My good qualities are: I’m not selfish, I am diligent,

10 Responses to about me!!

  1. cumymoonbeam27 mengatakan:

    masa c sifat nya rajin????

  2. yansah16 mengatakan:

    jngan pke bahasa inggris lah abort me nya , w tidak mengerti….

  3. yonmulyono mengatakan:

    hahahaaha pke bhs jawa ajj

  4. pemuja22 mengatakan:

    Add Me in blogroll

  5. inaanurdiana mengatakan:

    point blank kaga dibawa ????????? ahhahahah 😀

  6. cumymoonbeam27 mengatakan:

    so pake inggris-inggrisan nih bahasanya..

  7. ayahkucinta mengatakan:

    waadduuuhh… pake bahasa appa itu???? gue tidak mengertii…

  8. edhy28 mengatakan:

    wah adit nyamain gw..

  9. Clinton mengatakan:

    I personally Think posting, “about me!! dhizaar27” was in fact correctly written!

    Icannot see eye to eye together with u more! Finally seems like I reallydiscovered a weblog truly
    worth checking out. Thanks, Larhonda

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